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Created in AGEN (France) in January 1990, the International Prune Association (IPA) is the international prune industry’s trade entity that represents the interests of prune growers and packers across the globe. Since its creation, the Association has been at the forefront of stimulating the consumption of prunes, facilitating the exchange of information, and generating an integrated platform for its members and key stakeholders in matters related to research and promotion of prunes.


Prunes are dried plums and have their own unique taste personality as well as surprising health benefits. Prunes have been in production for almost 7000 years. Since 5.000 BC, thanks to the irrigation of the Tigris and Euphrates, the first prune cultivars were initiated.

Mission and Goals

The primary goal of IPA is to set up a permanent link between world prune producers by coordinating actions aimed at protecting producers’ interests. IPA also encourages and develops the exchange of up to date information concerning production and market trends between members.

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